Speaking Topics

Joe writes and speaks on a variety of topics. Here are some examples:

Trending Campaign Topics

— Can Jill Stein Pay for Her Program without Breaking America?

— Can and Will Hillary Clinton Escape the Influence of Wall Street and Create a More Prosperous and More Equal America?

— Can Jill Stein Pass Her Program Through a Hostile Congress?

— Who Would Keep America Safer, Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, or Donald Trump?

— How would Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein Differ in the Way They Would Lead the United States?

— Would Seniors Be Better Off with Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, or Donald Trump as President?

— Will Hillary Clinton Keep Her Promise about Not Cutting Social Security?

— Will Hillary Clinton, If Elected, Stick to Her Position of Opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Politics, Economics, Fiscal, and Trade Policy

— A Metalayer for Restoring Democracy and Open Society;

— Fixing the Debt Without Breaking America;

— Using the Platinum Coin: The Inflation Objection;

— Declarations of Dependence: Trade Tyranny, Sovereignty, and Democracy;

— Indicting the “Free Trade” Treaties;

— The Theft of Democracy in Greece;

— Fast-Track Is and has Always Been a Ruse and a Fraud;

— Who Needs Balanced Trade? Who Needs Balanced Budgets?

— What Kind of Trade Policy Should We Have?

— Fiscal Myths of the 2016 Campaign;

— Myths about Government Running Out of Money;

— Real Fiscal Responsibility and the Progressive Give-Up Formula;

— The Job Guarantee and the MMT Core:

— The PGPF Network of Non-profits, Corporate Media, and Political Allies;

— The Modern Money Theory Counter-narrative to neoliberal austerian ideology;

— The Components of Public Purpose and Real Fiscal Responsibility;

Knowledge Management and Risk

— Riskonomics: Reducing Risk by Killing Your Worst Ideas;

— Developing Processes and Systems for Reducing Risks;

— The Knowledge Life Cycle;

— Three Approaches to implementing Knowledge Management;

— Integrating Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, Collective Intelligence, and Quality Management

— The Knowledge Life Cycle and Toyota Lean’s Key A-3 Report;

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